What Really Happened Between Summer House's Ciara and West? Split Details

What Really Happened Between Summer House Ciara Miller and West Wilson

Ciara Miller and West Wilson
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Ciara Miller and West Wilson revealed their summer fling turned into a whirlwind fall romance — but only one of them was left crying over the split.

“He was funny. I love a funny guy,” Ciara said of West during part 1 of the Summer House season 8 finale on Thursday, June 6, when asked about their instant chemistry. “I don’t know, I got got a little bit.”

Ciara, 28, later hinted that West, also 28, strung her along after the cameras stopped rolling. “He was playing a game with me,” she claimed.

As the reunion progressed, host Andy Cohen asked what happened between the pair after they struck up a relationship in the Hamptons during summer 2023.

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According to the former couple, they continued to date September through November of that year. West revealed that they “kept things rolling to December,” which is when they called it quits.

Ciara, meanwhile, shocked some of her housemates when she explained that not only did they have sex during fall 2023, but they “went to his parents’ house. We went and stayed with his brother in Chicago. We went to a wedding.”

West acknowledged that they were “basically” dating, clarifying, “I don’t think we walk around saying boyfriend, girlfriend. We hung out every day.”

What Really Happened Between Summer House Ciara Miller and West Wilson 2

Ciara Miller, West Wilson, Danielle Olivera, and Kyle Cooke.
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He claimed they didn’t have the “exclusive” conversation but noted that he wasn’t talking to other girls “toward the end of the fall.”

While West told Ciara’s best friend Paige DeSorbo during the show that he wasn’t having sex with other women that summer, he confessed at the reunion to sleeping with other people during the “early” days of his relationship with Ciara.

“You feel like West was playing a game with you?” Cohen, 56, asked Ciara, who replied, “definitely,” noting that the “game” was pegged to his new fame as a reality TV star.

When Ciara questioned West’s sincerity in their relationship, he took offense, saying, “I think our relationship was what it was. I had feelings. You had feelings. That wasn’t fake.”

Paige, 31, came to Ciara’s defense and alleged that “right when the cameras went down” West “didn’t need her anymore” and he was “kinda out” at that point. West denied dropping Ciara after filming, explaining that it wasn’t until their dinner in December 2023 that things fizzled out.

“I thought we were on the same page,” he recalled of the breakup conversation. Ciara remembered the dinner differently, saying, “He was ready to go to the next bar and I went home crying because you’re telling me, you can’t commit basically for show related reasons.”

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Despite his feelings for Ciara, West admitted that he didn’t know how to “navigate” having a girlfriend and all the newfound attention from Bravo fans.

“This is maybe, I don’t know, call it narcissistic or something … everything that we were tagged in or posted about, was like, ‘Ciara and newbie guy, whatever,’” West said, confessing, “I was just like, ‘Am I just going to be some f–king dude who came on the show and is just Ciara’s puppet the whole time?’”

The Summer House cast wasn’t buying West’s explanation, especially since many of them are in relationships and haven’t had issues with “temptation” from female fans.

“I actually think you used the show as an excuse because you have a commitment thing,” Gabby Prescod said. Ciara agreed, telling her ex, “I think it was an easy copout to use the show as an excuse for just kinda nixing the whole thing.”

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Looking back, Ciara revealed she was “cautious for a reason” with West after choosing not to sleep with him all summer.

“I’m not really trying to have notches on my post. It’s not my style,” Ciara explained before turning her comments directly at West. “I told you all f–king summer how intentional I am. … You wanted to sleep with me all f–king summer. You got everything you wanted out of me, and I got the bare minimum.”

While West’s close pal Jesse Solomon pointed out that West “didn’t cheat” on Ciara, most of the group didn’t like how West toyed with her after the show.

“No one’s faulting you that you came on a show, it was about to air, it is women viewers, they’re gonna love the new guys. We get the allure of that,” Paige said. “But we are also her friends. So we see the allure of her. … We couldn’t understand how the fame and lights and camera were so much more enticing than your real life.”

West did apologize to Ciara and claimed that he didn’t want to always be casual despite appearances. “I feel bad,” he said. “It’s not my intention to f–king hurt someone.”

Part 2 of the Summer House season 8 reunion airs on Bravo Thursday, June 13, at 9 p.m. ET.

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