Turn Heads in This Gorgeous Ribbed Bikini Top and Bottom

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Looking for a new bikini that isn’t just a carbon copy of all the others being worn at the beach? Walmart has a surprisingly interesting top and bottom that you’ll want to snap up before they’re gone. It’s understated yet elegant, but it still manages to stand out in a great way. It’s also super affordable, and who doesn’t appreciate that in this day and age?

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Time for some fun in the sun! We’re inching ever closer toward summer, and that means frolicking in the heat, toes in the sand, and splashing about at your favorite beach – or the pool, whatever tickles your fancy. Pick a swimsuit and make a beeline to your favorite summer destination! Haven’t picked out a […]

The Cupshe Ribbed Mineral Wash Bikini Set is just $27 at Amazon, and not only does it bring with it an interesting look, but it has a fun type of fabric that you just don’t see very often when it comes to swimwear: ribbing. And that gives it a characteristic look that others will appreciate when it comes time to hit the beach.

Get the Cupshe Ribbed Mineral Wash Bikini Set for just $27 at Walmart!

With its scoop neck and cami straps, wraparound bottoms that take a bit of a different approach, and surprisingly lightweight fabric, this bikini is all about turning heads. Which it absolutely will help you do when you’re out and about, whether that’s at the pool or beach – or just sunbathing.

Get the Cupshe Ribbed Mineral Wash Bikini Set for just $27 at Walmart!

If you’re sick of the same triangle tops and thong bottoms – or maybe you just feel like one half of you needs a bit more coverage than the rest, you really can’t go wrong with this two-piece set. And for less than $30 for the entire thing? That’s an absolute steal. Time to make a Walmart run.

Get the Cupshe Ribbed Mineral Wash Bikini Set for just $27 at Walmart!

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