The Biggest Holiday Decor Trends You’ll Want to Try in 2023

The excitement I feel when stores start to line their shelves with holiday decor is second to none. I’m definitely in the “decorate before Thanksgiving” camp, which can be controversial, I know. However, I decided a few years ago that I didn’t want to stifle the holiday spirit anymore—I can deck the halls whenever I want! And since I always start decorating early, I can scoop up the latest holiday decor trends as soon as they hit stores.

I grew up in a household where holiday decor stayed the same every year, but as an adult, I like to explore different styles and switch things up from one holiday season to the next. This year’s holiday decor trends are especially cozy, as they run the gamut from nostalgic gingerbread-inspired decor to rich leather goods and traditional plaid patterns, and honestly, I’m here for it. These are the holiday decor trends I can’t wait to decorate with for 2023.

1. Gingerbread Girl

If you’re a fan of the cottagecore aesthetic, you’re going to love this gingerbread-inspired holiday decor trend. According to Etsy, the “gingerbread girl” aesthetic is basically what you get if you combine the simple joy of freshly baked cookies with warm neutral tones and some vintage charm. Lean into this homey, nostalgia-heavy trend by refreshing your kitchen with whimsical cookie cutters, ceramic baking dishes, and cute dish towels. Choose neutral holiday decor that has a feminine flair (think ruffles and gingham), and infuse your home with spicy, sweet fragrances reminiscent of baked treats. This trend is all about those warm, fuzzy feelings that only come during this special time of year.

2. Woodland-Themed Decor

Nature is always a muse when it comes to design, and this year, woodland-inspired holiday decor is popping up everywhere. Mushrooms, acorns, pinecones, and furry animals like squirrels, deer, and foxes are all showing up in the latest holiday decor collections. During a cold month like December when you’d rather stay home than venture outside, these nature-inspired elements will bring the outdoors in and add a whimsical touch to your holiday decor setup.

3. Grandpa Chic

Consider this trend a masculine spin on last year’s coastal grandmother craze. The grandpa chic aesthetic swaps airy whites and blues for rich colors like burgundy and olive green, along with old-school touches like plaid patterns and wood accents. For the holidays, choose an unexpected texture like leather for your stockings, and pair them with more traditional elements like a plaid throw and wooden tabletop trees. Masculine fragrances can also add to the vibe. Scents like balsam and cedarwood are always popular this time of year (because they smell like a Christmas tree!), and you can add a grandpa chic twist by looking for fragrances that include notes of mahogany or tobacco.

4. Candy Pastels

The pink trend that has dominated 2023 is still going strong (thanks, Barbie!), but it’s getting a candy-inspired twist for the holiday season. According to Etsy, pastel-color decor inspired by sweet treats is trending this season, so if you’ve ever been inspired to transform your home into your very own Candyland, this is the year to do it. Be on the lookout for peppermint-inspired decorations, playful ornaments shaped like your favorite treats, and accessories in pastel shades of pink, blue, and green. Even if you just deck out a miniature tree for your bedroom or office, this sweet trend is too cute to pass up.

5. Mantelscaping

Decorating your mantel for the holidays isn’t new, but it is getting a lot more elaborate thanks to the trend Etsy calls “mantelscaping.” Similar to a tablescape, this basically entails decking out your mantel with garland, candles, decorative trees, stockings, and anything else your heart desires. Pick a theme and go wild! When styling, be sure to include items with a variety of textures, heights, and shapes to create contrast. And if you don’t have a mantel, any flat surface will do! Deck out your TV stand, an entryway table, or an open shelf.

6. Sustainable, Earth-Friendly Decor

Being kinder to the planet never goes out of style, and this year, sustainable holiday decor is top of mind for many consumers. To make this season more Earth-friendly, consider using cloth napkins instead of paper products for your holiday gatherings, and try wrapping your gifts in fabric for a chic and sustainable substitute for traditional wrapping paper. You can also incorporate natural elements like a live Christmas tree, real greenery, and gathered branches or pinecones to add beauty to your home. Because many faux options are difficult to recycle and often end up in landfills, you’ll cut down on waste by opting for natural versions that can easily be recycled or composted.

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