Tesla set to expand approved used car and mobile repair programmes

Tesla has plans to raise its game in the UK’s used car sector, to expand the number of locations that sell its approved used cars and increase sales volumes.

It comes after the brand’s UK car sales recently passed the 200,000 mark in a decade since it arrived. 

It promoted Mark Smith recently to oversee its fleet and certified pre-owned operations, charged with supporting the brand’s relationships with corporate customers and driving retail used car sales through Tesla’s certified pre-owned network and team.

The certified pre-owned programme will sell used Tesla cars built from 2018 onwards and up to 90,000 miles. This is currently available at eight locations, with a plan to increase this to 10.

Tesla EVs have been in the UK market since 2014, and many of its earlier cars, the Model S and Model X, have reached the forecourts of independent used car dealers. 

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