South Carolina family-run cheesesteak joint closes. The reason? Inflation and a labor shortage

A popular South Carolina cheesesteak restaurant that was family-owned and operated announced that the restaurant would be closing due to rising costs and a shortage of labor.

“Throughout my entire life, I knew that Phillys would always be there for me no matter what,” Stefan Castellucci (owner of Philly’s Summerville) wrote in a Saturday Facebook post. “Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. We will close our doors on Monday, October 24th due to rising food prices, inflation, and worker shortages.

Castellucci’s family has owned the restaurant for three generations. His grandfather opened the establishment 32 years back. The restaurant imported beef from Philadelphia and made it a unique place to enjoy cheesesteaks.

Castellucci stated that the post was the most difficult he’d ever written since writing his father’s obituary. However, the reality of rising inflation and a continuing labor shortage forced them into making the difficult decision.

“I grew up in this restaurant. It’s been an integral part of my life. Castellucci stated that it was where he learned to work hard. It’s where I learned how to value the dollar of another person. I was taught that the customer’s dollar was sacred and that they should not walk away empty-handed. My father passed away last year. My mother and I took over the family restaurant, but it was too difficult for a mom-and-pop to manage.

Inflation has caused havoc in the U.S. Small Business sector. A Kabbage survey last month found that 75% of small business owners reported that inflation had been affecting their profits over the last year. These businesses didn’t expect things to improve quickly, with 56% saying that they expect the problem to continue into 2023.

The restaurant has announced plans for a grand closing. Customers are invited to stop by to receive 25% off all items.

Castellucci stated, “We hope you see us one last time.”

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