Skip the Nervous Breakdown With This All-in-One Wedding Registry Service

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It’s wedding season! If you’re one of the many folks getting married right now, congratulations! Chances are you’re both excited and overwhelmed. The idea of planning your wedding is glorious, but the actual planning portion can feel like a full-time job — especially if you already work a full-time job.

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One of the best ways to take the stress out of wedding planning is first to remember that your wedding is, in fact, a celebration of you and your beau, so it should be fun! Another way to lower your pre-wedding cortisol is to organize ahead as much as possible. Last but not least, if there are tasks you can delegate to someone else, delegate them to someone else!

Start your free wedding registry at Joy! 

Creating a wedding registry and coordinating all of the requests, gifts and thank yous may sound like a major task, but we found an online service that organizes it better than we ever could. It’s a seamless experience for you and your guests, taking the guesswork out of gifting and the stress out of coordinating. The Joy platform does it all for you!

It’s simple: You create a list of things you want from any retailers your heart desires. Literally any! All the items are listed in one place visible to your guests, allowing them to see a photo, click on the item and ship it to you as a gift.

Whether you have items on your wishlist from Target, Crate and Barrel, Yeti, Airbnb, Samsonite, Amazon or anywhere in between, this platform ensures you receive exactly what you want. The platform also ensures you don’t get a bunch of duplicates . . . phew! Guests can chip in together to buy larger items too, so that dream couch might actually become a reality!

We also love the zero-fee cash funds feature. Instead of purchasing a tangible gift, guests can contribute to your goals and send money — fee-free — via Venmo, PayPal and CashApp. You can also swap gifts for cash on all items you add to your registry!

And to make things even easier, Joy keeps track of who gave what and sends thank you notes for you. The platform-generated thank yous are heartfelt and specific, but you can always tweak them by adding personal details to make your guest feel even more appreciated. Talk about efficiency!

So delegate the registry to Joy and get on with the rest of your planning. Your anxiety brain and your guests will thank you for making the process so darn simple!

Start your free wedding registry at Joy!

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