Rodeo Star Spencer Wright’s Son Levi, 3, Dies After Tragic Accident 

Wright Family Friend Speaks Out to Pay Tribute to Most Perfect 3 Year Old There Ever Was
Courtesy of Kallie Wright/Facebook

Rodeo star Spencer Wright’s 3-year-old son, Levi, has died after suffering a severe brain injury last month.

Levi died on Sunday, June 2, after he was removed from life support, Mindy Sue Clark, a friend of the family’s, told People. “Levi was the absolute best little boy,” Clark said Monday, June 3. “It’s going to be tough navigating life without him.”

Hours before Levi’s death, his mother, Kallie Wright, shared a heartbreaking update on the condition of her son with husband Spencer. 

“After several sleepless nights, lots of research, multiple conversations with the world’s best neurologists & millions of prayers we are here in the face of our biggest fear. Levi showed us just enough to buy us time for all of this,” Kallie captioned a video of herself and Levi via Facebook on Sunday. “We prayed those things were him defying odds & proving to us that he wanted to stay here but we see now he wanted to give us time to find peace with letting him go. I told you my baby was thoughtful & considerate, I truly believe he did that for us.”

Kallie went on to write that Levi “brought humanity across the nation” after being placed in critical condition for driving his toy tractor into a Utah river in late May. “Here soon I’ll climb into bed with my baby and hold him as he falls asleep for the last time on this earth,” she continued. “I find comfort in knowing he will be restored to the perfect little boy he was & have the ability to do all the things he loves! I know there are Angels up there waiting to hold him until I can again!”

Kallie concluded the emotional message by stating that her and Levi’s family “will miss him every second of every day down here but feel without unwavering doubt this is the best thing we can do for him.” She added: “We love you baby beans and I can’t wait till the day you can ‘work the ground’ with me again!”

Levi first entered the hospital following the accident. According to a May 21 statement from the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office, Levi “had driven a toy tractor into a river” and lost visual contact with his family. After the child was “quickly located,” he received “life saving measures” before being transferred to a local hospital.

The Wright family was unsure if Levi would make a full recovery since there was not “much change” in his condition as he continued to undergo medical care, per a May 22 social media update provided by Clark.

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On Monday, Clark paid tribute to Levi on Facebook, writing, “I cannot even begin to explain how hard the last two weeks have been. From the moment my phone rang the night of his accident, to last night receiving the message that he had to go. I don’t want to focus on the bad or sad, even though it feels like someone ripped my heart out and squeezed it right in front of me. I want to focus on the many miracles we all got to bear witness to in those 12 days.”

Clark, who referred to herself as Levi’s “Aunt Mindy,” shared that the response she and the Wright family received has been “absolutely incredible” as strangers came together to send well wishes to Levi amid the tragedy.

“Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people surrounded our best little buddy, lifted him up in prayer, and threw their loving arms around Levi and his family,” she continued. “We’ve never seen or experienced anything like it. I don’t know that we will ever be able to process it fully.”

Clark called Levi the “most perfect three year old there ever was. So perfect we didn’t get to keep him. This baby boy moved mountains the last 12 days. He brought so many people together. In a world so dark, we got to see light at the hands of a child. He’s everything his mom and dad could’ve wanted him to be.”


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