Quince Never Has Sales — Until Today! Stock Up on All Things Euro Summer

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If you’re reading this right now, welcome to the insider club! You’re privy to some seriously exclusive information that 99.99% of people don’t know about. And by the time they find out, it’ll be too late! This exclusive information will not only help you stack your wardrobe for Euro-girl summer, but it’ll also help you curate the perfect luxe-looking home, all for prices you wouldn’t believe are real.

Okay — we’re ready to spill! This elusive top-secret info is a one-day-only sale at Quince, everyone’s favorite affordable luxury brand that basically never has sales. Today only, you can get up to 30% off some of Quince’s bestsellers from tops, pajamas and cardigans to bed sheets and kitchen knives. We want it all!

If you want in, check out these 10 deals we’re nabbing to level up our closets and homes this summer. Happy shopping!


European Linen Long-Sleeve

Whether you wear it with flowy, wide-leg pants or a tight pencil skirt, this 100% linen shirt will keep you classy and cool all summer long!

Get the 100% European Linen Long-Sleeve for $30 (originally $40) at Quince!

Italian Leather Large Satchel

Get ready for constant inquiries about your Italian leather bag! This sleek satchel has three spacious compartments for added functionality.

Get the Italian Leather Triple Compartment Satchel for $120 (originally $150) at Quince!

Silk Pajama Tank

Yes, you read that right — this ultra-soft tank is made of 100% Mulberry silk! You’ll want to wear it day and night everywhere you go.

Get the 100% Washable Silk Pajama Tank for $40 (originally $50) at Quince!

Mongolian Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan

Your new favorite cardigan just entered the chat! This sweater layers perfectly over a tank top for the summer or a long sleeve for the cool months.

Get the Mongolian Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater for $110 (originally $140) at Quince!

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Second Skin Square-Neck Bodysuit

This bodysuit is called a “second skin” bodysuit because it feels like wearing nothing! The nylon and spandex blend is breathable, supportive and smooth.

Get the Second Skin Square-Neck Bodysuit for $20 (originally $30) when you buy two at Quince!

14K Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

$100 off? Count Us in! Stud earrings are a simple yet elegant way to take your look from mom to rich mom. These are the perfect size for your second piercings, too!

Get the 14K Gold Diamond Stud Earrings for $100 (originally $200) at Quince!


European Linen Sheet Set

If “linen sheets” make you think “scratchy,” think again — these pre-washed sheets are guaranteed to get softer over time!

Get the European Linen Sheet Set for $103 (originally $130) at Quince!

Bamboo Sheet Set

There’s no reason to sweat at night. With the right sheets, you’ll be temperate all night long! Grab this silky bamboo set in one of 11 different colors.

Get the Bamboo Sheet Set for $72 (originally $90) at Quince!

Japanese Damascus Steak Knife Set

The right knives make all your hard work in the kitchen worth it. This set includes four steel steak knives designed to cut through ribeyes, filets and more!

Get the Japanese Damascus Steak Knife Set for $80 (originally $100) at Quince!

Organic Airy Gauze Napkins

If you’ve tried the Airy Gauze Duvet Cover and haven’t tried the napkins, let this be your sign.

Get the Organic Airy Gauze Napkins Set of 4 for $22 (originally $30) when you buy two at Quince!

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