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NBRA, Fixico partner to improve repairers' customer service

The National Body Repair Association (NBRA) is linking with digital car repair management platform Fixico.

The NBRA, comprising over 720 members across the United Kingdom, primarily independent body repair shops but also including paints and parts suppliers, said it stands to benefit by integrating Fixico’s digital platform.

With access to comprehensive data-driven insights, NBRA said its member repair shops will enhance their ability to make informed decisions and deliver exceptional service to customers.

Also, by becoming part of Fixico’s network, it said these repairers will be able to offer seamless allocation of repairs by their customers, including rental, lease, insurance, OEM and fleet management companies.

“We are incredibly pleased to welcome a platform like Fixico to the NBRA, and offer their innovative data-driven platform to our members,” said Martyn Rowley, executive director of NBRA.

“We finely select companies that we truly believe in, and Fixico is no different. An original and unique service that we feel confident will only continue to grow in the future.”

“Ever since we started Fixico, we have observed huge potential in the UK market, and continue to grow rapidly there,” said Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries, CEO of Fixico.

“Joining forces with the NBRA enables us to collaborate with high-quality repair shops, ensuring our customers receive nothing but the best services. We’re excited about this partnership and the opportunity it brings to enhance the repair experience for all involved.”

The NBRA and Fixico are committed to driving innovation and excellence in the car repair industry.

Together, they will work towards creating a digitally connected marketplace that prioritises quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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