McConaughey’s Pantalones Will Improve Your Summer

The Best Thing the McConaughey's Have Made With Their Pants On: The Cheeky Summer Cocktail

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves.
Pantalones Organic Tequila

School’s out, and Matthew and Camila McConaughey have the perfect product to commemorate the start of summer (a.k.a margarita season): Pantalones Organic Tequila.

While the McConaughey’s recognize the world might not be in dire need of another “celebrity tequila,” they also know with kids on summer vacation, parents everywhere are in need of a “kick-ass margarita.” The couple’s self proclaimed “best thing [they’ve] made with [their] pants on,” is the secret ingredient to their “Official Cocktail of the Summer.”

Pantalones’ classic margarita includes 2 ounces of Pantalones Organic Tequila, 1 ounce of organic lime juice, half an ounce of organic agave nectar and an organic lime wheel to garnish. The “summer extravaganza” is one of several tequila-based cocktail recipes the McConaughey’s recommend.

In their newest promotional video, the couple stares down their family calendar with dread of their children’s last day of school before taking Us into the kitchen to craft a “100 percent organic” and “0 percent pretentious” cocktail. Pouring the mix into salt-rimmed glasses and garnishing with fresh lime, the couple swapped their cheers for the Portuguese saúde all to the nostalgic sounds of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out.”

The Best Thing the McConaughey's Have Made With Their Pants On: The Cheeky Summer Cocktail
Pantalones Organic Tequila

Since their launch in October 2023, the McConaugheys have released several cheeky ads, including games of croquet and pickleball — all complete with no pants, just “Pantalones.” Their brand’s mission is to bring a little “fun” into the tequila industry, and to the lives of their customers.

Celebrity-Approved Summer Cocktail Recipes

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Naming the linear increase of tequila consumption a result of the end of the school year, the couple says “cheers to all [their] fellow Summer parents” and encourage Us to “put our pants on one leg at a time.”

Keep scrolling for the full recipe for the “Official Cocktail of the Summer:”

The Pantalones Organic Margarita

2 oz Pantalones Organic Tequila,
1 oz Organic Lime Juice,
.5 oz Organic Agave Nectar,
Organic Lime Wheel (Garnish)

Rim the edge of a rocks glass with a lime wedge, dip the rim in salt to coat like you’re taking a tip in the pool, and set aside. Add the Pantalones Organic Tequila, organic lime juice, and organic agave nectar to a shaker with ice. Shake until well-chilled. Strain over fresh ice into the prepared glass. Top your summer extravaganza with a lime wheel.

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