Limited supply and cost forcing fleets to mull using pre-owned vans

Four out of ten fleets (40%) plan to start using second-hand vans in the next three years according to new research which indicates that 16% of operators are already using pre-owned light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

The 2024 Arval Mobility Observatory Fleet & Mobility Barometer, which surveyed 8,605 businesses in 30 countries about their vehicle operations, found that many are moving towards acquiring used vans.

Shaun Sadlier, head of Arval Mobility Observatory in the UK, commented: “The research doesn’t delve into the reasons behind this, so we are left to speculate. However, several trends likely explain this shift.

“The most probable reason is that since the pandemic, new van supply has been limited, prompting fleets to explore alternative sources, including the used market. For some operators, buying used has become relatively commonplace and an effective way to meet their requirements.

“Additionally, the limited supply has led fleets to extend replacement cycles and realize that vans can have longer fleet lives than previously thought, even if maintenance becomes more of an issue over time. This has potentially reduced the fear of buying older vehicles.

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