JoJo Siwa Asks ‘Who The Living F—k Just Booed Me?’ at NYC Pride Concert

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JoJo Siwa
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JoJo Siwa has been booed while performing onstage in New York City.

Siwa, 21, performed as part of Trixie Mattel’s Solid Pink Disco Pride Tour on Saturday, June 29, when she stopped her performance to address the heckling.

Fan footage of the moment was posted via X on the evening, capturing Siwa asking the crowd, “Who the living f—k just booed me? Where the f—k did that come from? Which one of you? Which one of you?”

The video then skips to the “Karma” singer grabbing a homemade sign from an audience member before telling the crowd, “Respectfully, f—k you.”

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Siwa, sporting a skimpy bra fitted with a pair of matching teddy bear heads, is then seen flashing her middle finger, sparking her backup dancers to offer theirs, too, as the crowd begins to cheer.

As fans of the Dance Moms alum continue to applaud her, Siwa picks up a bunch of flowers and breaks one of the stems off to stick down her pants.

“F—k the booers, somebody just chucked a bra at me,” Siwa is then heard proclaiming.

The heckling wasn’t the concert’s only shock moment. Siwa was also seen performing her debut EP, “Guilty Pleasure,” as two backup dancers dressed in teddy bear costumes rubbed their hands provocatively across the singer’s body, per fan footage posted to X.

The second video was captioned, “I’m a different person after seeing two teddy bears hump Jojo Siwa.”

The performance follows Siwa’s wild 21st birthday, which saw the singer being punched in the face during celebrations.

“It’s my 21st birthday, I’m drunk as f—k right now,” Siwa joked in a May 19 TikTok video, after which a friend threw pieces of bread at her. “I got punched in the eye. It was really bad, but I’m OK,” she added before jokingly mouthing to the camera, “I’m not OK.”

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Siwa exclusively told Us Weekly recently that the original bow-clad child star the world fell in love with will never return. “She will never come back, but I will never hate her,” she told Us at the Dance Moms: The Reunion New York premiere on April 25. “I’m always going to be proud of her. That kid got through some s—t.”

After appearing on two seasons of Dance Moms from 2015 to 2016, Siwa signed to Nickelodeon. Under the network, she won over fans with her big personality as she starred in various shows and released several children’s songs.

Now that she’s moved into creating more mature music, Siwa, who came out as gay in January 2021, has turned her performances into powerful statements.

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She performed at Chicago Pride Fest on Saturday, June 22, where she set a record for the “most people in attendance at Chicago Pride” according to an Instagram post.

“THAT IS NUTTY. You all really did that, showed up and had the best time with me,” Siwa captioned the post, which went up after the performance. “I saw you all with your posters, ur F—KIN KARMA MAKEUP YOU ICONS, some construction vests, some JOJO BOWS, f—king epic. Best f—king time I love you THANK YOU.”

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