I’m a NYC Stylist: This Is The Summer Trend I’ll Never Stop Recommending

When I think of summer dressing, the first thing that comes to mind is gingham. The pattern has a long-winded past that’s made it an icon in its own right—from Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz to Katharine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story to Margot Robbie in the latest blockbuster, Barbie. Perhaps the image that comes to my mind first is of Samantha’s iconic two-piece gingham set from season 3 of Sex and the City. One thing has been proven true time and time again: Nothing screams “summer” quite like gingham.

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While gingham may give off the traditional farmhouse feel to some, its street style resurgence is becoming more prevalent by the hour. If you’re wondering “Is gingham still in style in 2024?” the answer is a resounding yes. The seasonal staple presents the rare advantages of being both fashionable, yet simple; youthful, yet sophisticated. I believe this checked combo will reign supreme this season because of its synchronous ability to amplify a neutral lover’s minimalist wardrobe, while also being able to serve as a trendsetter’s ideal base for a pop of color. This summer, designers have been reimagining this understated pattern in some of the season’s most trending silhouettes: capris, boxer shorts, drop-waist dresses—you name it.

Keep ready for inspiration on how to style this beloved summer favorite, plus shop some of our most-loved gingham picks of the season.

How to Style Gingham for Summer 2024


Is Miss Bradshaw in the room with us? These gingham capri pants, paired with a form-fitted top and classic heel, feel so reminiscent of our early-2000s style role model. This minimalist look reads effortless and simple while the checked pattern elevates the interest and commands our attention.

Intentionally accessorized

The quintessential red and white gingham combo takes on a fresh spin with this relaxed and modernized look. Rather than compete with the red base of the pants, the red bag actually works to highlight the checked pattern in a fresh way. The rough woven texture of the bag combined with the smooth texture of the pearls works to bring depth to this otherwise casual look.

With unexpected accessories

I’m obsessed with this cool-girl take on the classic design. This is exactly what excites me about gingham this season: In the peak age of street style creators, we’ve seen a revival of vintage themes with an edgy spin. This is a model example of the rule of opposites when it comes to style. Instead of an airy sandal to accompany this categorically summer pattern, try a chunky statement loafer and a fun sock. And when it comes to jewelry, instead of a pearl or shell, try layering mixed metals.

With gingham from head to toe

Gingham from head to toe–yes, please. The small-scale pattern can be worn in a variety of ways, but my favorite might just be the mixing of gingham in other color combinations. The reason that this works is because the accessories and layering pieces are the same color as the base of the top, providing uniformity throughout. Should you experiment with a different colored shoe or bag, this maximalist style idea may not be as effective.

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