I’m a Home Editor—These Are the Items I Always Recommend Shopping for at Target

You could say that shopping is basically my job. As a home editor, I look at furniture and decor all day long, but when putting together stories and shopping for my own home, Target is the retailer I keep coming back to. You just cannot beat the quality and style you get for the price—not to mention the convenience of their shipping and pickup options. And with collaborations with big-name tastemakers like Shea McGee and Joanna Gaines, there’s some really great stuff coming out of the Target home decor section these days. While some pieces are best purchased elsewhere (after all, you don’t want your home looking like a store display), there are several home items that I always recommend shopping for at Target. Keep scrolling for the Target home decor and furniture finds that offer the best bang for your buck.

1. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are one of those accessories that often get swapped out seasonally, so it doesn’t make sense to spend a ton of money on them. I love Target’s selection because they always have a wide variety of patterns and materials to choose from, and most cost around $20-$30. Plus, they come out with new throw pillows every season, which makes it easy (and affordable) to switch things up throughout the year.

2. Accent Furniture

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend shopping for a new sofa at Target, but accent furniture is truly where the retailer shines. Whether you’re looking for an accent chair, an end table, a storage cabinet, or some bench seating, Target has tons of options that are priced affordably and well-made. You can easily find pieces to create your own reading nook, add storage to your entryway, or spruce up your living room with just a couple hundred dollars or less.

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Source: Threshold x Studio McGee

3. Picture Frames

It’s actually shocking how expensive picture frames can be. Especially if you’re building a larger gallery wall, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars on the frames alone—without even factoring in the cost of the art itself. While thrift stores are great places to pick up budget-friendly frames, if I want a cohesive look, Target is where I shop. Even the largest sizes cost $60 or less, which means personalizing your walls doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

4. Baskets

Woven baskets are a go-to for adding storage to basically any room, but if you want one large enough to stash bulky items like blankets, you typically need to fork over at least $100. Not so at Target, however! Nearly all of their baskets come in under $50, including the extra-large options that’ll fit anything you need to store.

5. Lamps

If there’s one thing that can instantly transform the look of a whole room, it’s lighting. While overhead lighting is often harsh and unflattering, lamps give the room a soft, inviting glow. However, a simple table lamp can run you upwards of $300 at some retailers, which just doesn’t make sense when you’re often buying multiple fixtures for each room. That’s why I always recommend shopping for lamps at Target, where you can easily find gorgeous table lamps for well under $100 and full-size floor lamps for just a bit more.

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Source: Threshold x Studio McGee

6. Decorative Accessories

It’s truly the little things that give a room that curated, collected-over-time look. Small accessories like vases, candlesticks, trays, and decorative objects are key when you’re styling shelves or a coffee table, and the Target home decor section is chock-full of great options.

7. Bath Towels

For years, I struggled to find bath towels that would actually hold up for more than a few washes. Even my fancy Turkish cotton towels that cost over $30 apiece ended up with bleached-out stains and frayed hems after just a couple of months. However, when I got married, I registered for a set of bath towels from Target, and nearly a year later, they still look good as new. My favorite thing about these Performance Plus towels from Threshold in particular is that the material is specially treated to be fade-resistant, so the color stays put even after dozens of washes. Plus, they’re soft enough to rival much more expensive towels, but ​​the largest size costs just $14. Depending on your preference, you can also find Target towels in quick-drying materials and chic waffle textures.

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