Emma Roberts and 'AHS' Costar Kim Kardashian Have a Surprising Connection

Emma Roberts Connects to Kim Kardashian With More Than Just Her AHS Role

Emma Roberts, Kim Kardashian.
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Emma Roberts has more in common with Kim Kardashian than just being her American Horror Story costar.

Roberts, 33, revealed that she might’ve gone into law if she hadn’t been an actress while speaking exclusively with Us Weekly at the New York City premiere of her new movie Space Cadet on Thursday, June 27.

“I feel like I would want to be a lawyer. I think it would be really interesting,” she shared. “I like a good debate.”

Kardashian, 43, who starred alongside Roberts in American Horror Story: Delicate, began pursuing a law career in 2019. After three failed attempts, the reality star passed the First-Year Law Students’ Examination, also known as the “baby bar,” in 2021.

“I failed this exam 3 times in 2 years. But I got back up each time and studied harder and tried again until I did it!!!” Kardashian wrote via Instagram at the time. “I did have COVID on the 3rd try [with] a 104 fever but I’m not making excuses 😉.”

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Kardashian said at the 2023 Time100 Summit that she’s “probably going to take the bar in February 2025.” In the meantime, she’s already begun her work advocating for criminal justice reform. In April, Kardashian visited the White House to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris and four people with non-violent drug offenses who had been pardoned by President Joe Biden.

“I am super honored to be here to hear your stories today,” Kardashian told the pardoned individuals, per NPR. “I think it’s so important to share them and amplify them because there are so many people that are in your position that can use the inspiration.”

Emma Roberts Connects to Kim Kardashian With More Than Just Her AHS Role

Emma Robertsand Kim Kardashian in ‘American Horror Story: Delicate.’
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Working toward becoming a lawyer has not stopped Kardashian from pursuing other ventures, including starring in AHS: Delicate, which aired from September 2023 to April 2024. Roberts told Us that Kardashian was “so prepared” for her role as Siobhan Corbyn in the anthology series’ 12th season.

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“I keep saying this, she knew every line and I just thought she was so good,” Roberts gushed. “I loved watching her and it was really fun to work with her. And I just love that every season of that show, [cocreator] Ryan Murphy always makes a fun surprise casting decision and it’s as fun for the viewers as it is for the other actors on the show.”

Roberts and Kardashian shared a steamy kiss during an episode of the show, which Roberts spilled the tea about during an April appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“Seeing it, it looked so intense,” she said. “But meanwhile, we were laughing, because we kissed and they said ‘cut’ and Kim looked at me and started laughing and I was like, ‘What?’ and I just had her [lip] gloss all over my face. And so we had to do major cleanup in between every take.”

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While acting isn’t Kardashian’s typical gig, Roberts appeared in five seasons of AHS prior to Delicate: Coven, Freak Show, Cult, Apocalypse, and 1984. After stepping into several different roles for the horror series, Roberts’ latest character is Space Cadet’s Rex, a Florida party girl who lands a spot in NASA’s space program thanks to a heavily embellished application.

“I loved going in, like, the anti-gravity spinny thing,” Roberts told Us of her experience filming the Prime Video movie. “But my character had to be bummed out in that scene and I couldn’t stop laughing. And then Liz [W. Garcia], our writer-director, couldn’t stop laughing.”

Space Cadet premieres on Prime Video Thursday, July 4.

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