Embrace the Mob Wife Aesthetic With These 17 Maximalist Makeup Products

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If you regularly scroll through TikTok, you have probably come across the mob wife aesthetic. 2024’s hottest beauty and fashion trend is a welcome change to the minimalist clean girl aesthetic that ruled much of 2023. Say so long to the no-makeup makeup looks, it’s time to fully embrace maximalism with intense smokey eyes, bright red lips and glimmering skin.

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2023 fashion trends were marked with simplicity — quiet luxury, cottage core, clean girl aesthetic… I could go on and on. In 2024, we’re ditching the streamlined, plain and boring and bringing out our wild side. That’s right, it’s time to step into your mob wife era. The mob wife aesthetic has been taking TikTok […]

Below, we give you a rundown of the key features of mob wife makeup, plus foolproof products to help you master the look in minutes.

Sultry Smokey Eyes

Create a sexy, piercing look by playing up your eye makeup with an intense smokey eye. Dua Lipa is famous for this look. Stick with deep neutrals like blacks and browns to carve out your eye. Don’t be afraid to really blend and smudge it out, the more lived in the better. For an even bolder look, finish with a thick eyeliner wing (à la Amy Winehouse) and apply a volumzing mascara or false lashes.

Make Your Cheeks Pop

There are multiple ways to pump up the drama without going totally overboard when rocking the mob wife aesthetic. When it comes to your cheeks, start by carving out the hollows with a cream bronzer to get that supermodel look. Then, layer on a moody blush (an orange or red shade, like Victoria Monet wore to the Grammys, is perfect) before dabbing on highlighter for a va-va-voom effect

Fiery Bold Lips

You may be thinking that the eyes are the main attraction in the mob wife aesthetic, but in reality it’s all about the lips. The signature color of this trend is red (which Taylor Swift dons all the time), and you can wear any hue that falls into the fiery category from scarlet and maroon alllll the way to burgundy. Don’t forget to line your lips with a similarly-colored lip liner to extend the wear and really draw the attention to your pout!

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