Ellison claims he doesn’t know anyone who supports defunding the police, despite his support for replacing the police force

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has been criticized for saying he doesn’t know anyone who supports defunding police, despite having attended a campaign event for Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. just days prior.

Ellison stated that he didn’t know anyone who believed we should defund police during Sunday’s debate.

Critics were quick to point to Ellison’s connections to at least two people who supported Defund the Police. The Republican National Committee pointed out that Ellison had attended a rally supporting Omar and Rep. Cori, D-Mo. Both of whom support calls to reduce police funding.

RNC Research tweeted Sunday, “Here’s Keith Ellison TWO DAYS AFTER Cori Bush and Ilhan Omar — two of the most prominent voices in the Defund the Police movement.”

Omar voted in favor of a Minneapolis ballot initiative that would have replaced the city’s police force with a new public safety department.

In an opinion piece for the Star Tribune, she stated that “The truth is that the current system hasn’t been serving our community for a long period.” “I have always believed that we need a public safety program that is rooted in the basic human needs of people.

Ellison supported the ballot measure and argued that the city’s police department was an “outdated model” for safety and law enforcement.

“Fundamentally communities across [Minneapolis] want reform and accountability. The current Charter blocks this possibility by locking us in an old model of law enforcement and safety. He wrote that they want to end the cycle in action on Twitter.

“This year, the citizens of [Minneapolis] can request and take the first step towards the ballot. As a Minnesota resident, George Floyd’s death sparked a nationwide call for reform. I will vote “Yes” for more public safety and greater human rights for all. #Yes4Minneapolis.”

Bush also supported the Defund the Police movement. He even defend the policy against critics within the Democratic Party, who claimed it was harming their chances of winning elections.

She stated last month that no evidence stating “defund the police” cost actual elections. “We have Republicans who want to defund the FBI. We don’t know where we are, but where is our story? Let me tell ya. Democrats — There were no Democrats climbing walls on January 6th, when I was at Capitol… Democrats didn’t kill officers.”

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