eLI Proudly Presents: The eLearning Unscripted Podcast With Anja Pavlović From eWyse

eLI Proudly Presents The eLearning Unscripted Podcast With Anja Pavlovic From eWyse

Pack Your Bags For An eLearning Development Road Trip

It may be tempting to start the ignition and kick off your eLearning design process right away. However, how do you know how to get to your destination if you haven’t mapped everything out? The sixth episode of eLearning Unscripted, which features Anja Pavlović from eWyse, explores eLearning production from a content developer’s perspective and why training needs analysis is such a crucial part of the process.

Are You Missing The Most Essential Step?

Conducting a thorough needs analysis and setting realistic goals helps to avoid any potential detours. However, it’s not just about looking at the data. You need an eLearning partner who is ready and willing to engage in a two-way dialogue and have real conversations about your needs, expectations, and current challenges. This might involve interviews, surveys, and an eLearning asset inventory to figure out the best approach for your organization and maximize training outcomes.

About This Podcast

How do you know if eLearning is the right solution? How can careful planning and custom learning solutions help you overcome your L&D challenges? Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll hear about in this podcast:

  • Why are needs analysis and careful planning so crucial for ensuring a smooth eLearning design ride?
  • What is the goal of the needs analysis and conversations that eWyse has with clients?
  • Where does the eLearning development journey start?
  • What conclusions has eWyse drawn based on their experiences with clients?


Listen to eLearning Unscripted: Taking An eLearning Development Road Trip With Anja Pavlović today to delve into the steps and avoid getting lost along the eLearning design journey.

You can also check out their webinar Why eLearning Sometimes Sucks: An eLearning Agency’s Perspective to explore examples of good and bad practices when conducting the Needs Analysis.

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