“Double glossing”, Fenty Beauty's lip routine that is driving TikTok crazy

While the success of Botox cannot be denied, whether to reduce wrinkles or add volume to lips, many women are nevertheless looking to adopt a more natural beauty routine. The idea is to recreate the effects of a botulinum toxin boost without going overboard — and without the effects being long-lasting. It’s an approach that has seen lip gloss make a remarkable comeback on the beauty scene and, more specifically, on social media.

A trend that Fenty Beauty, the brand owned by singer Rihanna, was able to quickly seize. Indeed, Fenty recently unveiled a beauty hack that promises not only to accentuate the effects of gloss, but also make them last all day long.

The viral tip is called ’double glossing.’ As the name implies, it involves applying not one, but two products to the lips to make them even fuller-looking, and for longer. Viewed more than 150,000 times, the video posted by Fenty Beauty has been the subject of numerous posts, whether by regular users or world-renowned influencers, such as Sarah Wolak and Mikayla Nogueira, whose posts have, in turn, been seen millions of times.

Oil and gloss combination

’Double glossing’ requires no special technique or skills. The idea is to apply the first product (a lip oil) to deeply nourish the lips and create a kind of barrier, then apply the second (a lip gloss) over the top to make them glossier with a volume-boosting effect. While many content creators were sceptical when they discovered the tip, they adopted it immediately after testing it out for themselves.

@fentybeauty Callin’ AWL lip maximalists! 🚨🍒🩰 ‘Tis the year of the #DoubleGloss technique ✌🏼 @jess is treatin’ her lips to some ✨major✨ lip love + TLC with the juiciest, yummiest lip combo — cuz why gloss once when you could double it? 😜 Step 1️⃣: Swipe on some #FentyTreatz Lip Oil in ‘Barbados Cherry’ 🍒 for cushioning hydration + a yummy, ripe scent 😋 Step 2️⃣: Layer on some #GlossBomb Lip Luminizer in ‘Fu$$y’ for that next-level, extraaa shimmering soft pink shine 💗 Link up with our lippies RN at @sephora, @sephoracanada, #SephorxKohls at @Kohl’s, & the #fentybeauty + #fentyskin ♬ original sound – Fenty Beauty

It’s not the first time this kind of tip has gone viral on TikTok. In fact, users seem to be passionate about all the techniques that can be used to achieve fuller lips without the need for cosmetic surgery. Recent tricks include the ’lip combo,’ using lip liner and lip gloss, the lip liner technique, the lip-smacking ’honey lips’ look, and the glamorous ‘latex lips’.

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