Condition Your Hair Like Jessica Alba With This Fortifying Spray

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Stars like Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford and Jessica Alba seem to have the secrets to looking 25 long after passing 40. We know they have nutritionists, stylists, trainers and other resources — unlike many of Us — to keep themselves in their primes. But we got seriously lucky living in the 21st century, because the internet exists and our role models are are very open about their secrets. Celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Alba even have their own wellness empires!

The Honest Company is Alba’s brand designed to make baby and beauty products clean, accessible, effective and transparent. The brand is very mindful of what goes into their products, where the ingredients come from and how products are produced. The Honest Company is also dedicated to rigorous testing standards to validate both the safety and efficacy of its products. If you’re looking for skincare and haircare products that are good your body and the planet (and potentially provide a Jessica Alba glow in the process), look no further!

Get The Honest Company Leave-In Conditioner and Detangler for $7 on Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication but are subject to change.

There are endless products at The Honest Company, but we found a leave-in conditioner approved by Alba herself — as well as over 30,000 reviewers on Amazon. Designed to silken and separate strands, this two-in-one conditioner and detangler can soften even the tangliest of tangled hair. And as you might expect, the conditioner is dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic and made without parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, silicones and sulfates. Only the good stuff — perfect for the whole family!

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It comes in three different scents, each with different benefits. The sweet almond option is formulated to nourish frizz-prone, curly and dry hair types. Quinoa extract, jojoba and sweet almond oils are just a few of the key ingredients that tame your mane! Citrus vanilla is The Honest Company’s all-time favorite, combining argan oil and shea butter to refresh all hair types.

If you’re an evening showerer, you’re going to want to try the lavender-scented conditioner. This calming blend will detangle any and all hair types and help you relax before you hit the hay. The two-in-one functionality of each formula allows you to detangle and soften at the same time — a magic combination, if you ask Us!

It is recommended to wash hair, spray big knots liberally, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then work through with a wide-tooth comb. If you don’t have a wide-tooth comb, use whatever brush or comb you have on hand. We personally love Wet Brushes for detangling!

One reviewer shared her story of taking the leave-in conditioner on a hot and dry trip Mexico, calling it a “game changer” for her bleached hair.

“This leave-in conditioner and fortifying spray worked wonders on my hair, especially considering the toll that bleaching can take. It effortlessly detangled my locks, leaving them smooth and manageable. The lightweight formula didn’t weigh down my hair, and I was impressed by how well it worked as a leave-in conditioner.”

For another reviewer, it’s her new go-to detangler. “I have very fine hair and this product successfully detangles without weighing it down. Also, I love the smell! It’s not too strong, not too sweet, and fades within a couple hours.”

Okay, we’re sold. The only challenge we’re facing is choosing a scent!

Get The Honest Company Leave-In Conditioner and Detangler for $7 on Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication but are subject to change. 

Not what you’re looking for? Shop other leave-in conditioner and detanglers on Amazon and don’t forget to check out Amazon’s Daily Deals here! 

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