Clint Eastwood Through The Years: From Actor to Award-Winning Director

From almost quitting the entertainment industry to becoming an Academy Award-winning director and actor, Clint Eastwood has come a long way in his career.

Eastwood was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1950 and discharged in 1953. He was stationed at Fort Ord in California and almost lost his life when the Douglas AD Bomber plane ran out of fuel, crashing into the ocean. Escaping with a life raft, Eastwood and the pilot were able to swim two miles back to shore.

Universal Studios employee Chuck Hill had seen Eastwood while filming at Fort Ord and brought him to the company. Eastwood’s tall stature and good looks were impressive and he ended up signing a contract with Universal in 1954.

After working closely with directors such as Sergio Leone and Don Siegel, Eastwood decided to try getting behind the camera himself. Siegel gave him a thumbs up for his script and Eastwood made his directorial debut with the 1971 thriller Play Misty for Me. Throughout the next few decades, Eastwood continued to establish his career as a reputable actor and director.

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