Chinese EV brand Seres lays groundwork for UK launch in 2024

Chinese-owned EV brand Seres is preparing to launch in new global markets this year with a target of 50,000 units before the end of 2024.

The electric and hybrid SUV brand is based in California and is already working with IA Electric Vehicles, the UK’s first multi-brand electric vehicle distributor, to launch in the UK before the end of the year.

Seres recently held its global expansion conference in the megacity of Chongqing, where it invited over 60 sales and service network  partners from across the globe.

Armstrong Vehicle Centre, part of the William Armstrong Group, said it will be opening the first Seres brand showroom in the UK, in Kingstown, Carlisle.

The Chinese brand has ambitious plans to increase exports to 200,000 units within three years, with a long term goal of reaching 500,000 exports by 2030.

Zhang Xinghai, founder and chairman of Seres Group, said: “In the coming years, Seres will lead the way in ‘defining vehicles by software’, deeply integrating intelligence into our vehicles to span the full value chain of intelligent products, intelligent safety, and intelligent services.

“This will deliver a brand-new experience that meets users’ most fundamental luxury needs.”

Seres is already gearing up to launch in the Middle East, Central Asia and South American before the end of June this year.

The brand is preparing to launch six models from the Seres 5, Seres 7 and Seres 9 (pictured above) ranges in markets around the world, offering pure electric and range-extended options.

Who is Seres?

Officially introduced to the UK at the London EV Show in December, Seres is a California-based manufacturer and a subsidiary of the Seres Group – an A-Share listed Chinese manufacturer with over 10,000 employees globally.

The Seres 3 electric SUV, which was unveiled at the London EV Show, is competitively priced from less than £30,000 and will go on sale in late Spring.

Following on later this year will be the larger and sportier Seres 5, along with the even larger Seres 7 and Seres 9 in 2025.

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