BYD scores highest for brand recognition, challenge remains for other new marques

BYD is the most widely recognised new entrant brand among car buyers outperforming fellow Chinese brands as well as those from the US and Vietnam, according to consumer research by JudgeService.

Its Car Brand Tracker polled the views of 1,244 owners to measure their perceptions and awareness of new carmakers.

BYD which made its UK debut in 2023 led the Top 10 rankings for spontaneous awareness with 13% of participants having heard of the brand, significantly ahead of all the other makes including Polestar (4%), even though the Volvo sister brand has been on sale in the UK since 2020.

A further 4% were aware of NIO, despite sales not expected to start in the UK until 2025, while only 1% mentioned Omoda which debuts later this year.

No-one in the survey named Rivian, WM Motor, Vin Fast or the recently discontinued US-based Fisker. Leapmotor, the Chinese carmaker which has a joint venture with Stellantis and will launch in the UK next year, also had no spontaneous recognition.

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