Below Deck's Fraser Expresses Concern About Jared's 'Aggressive' Behavior

Below Decks Fraser Olender Expresses Concern About Jared Woodins Aggressive Behavior

Fraser Olender and Jared Woodin
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While dealing with personal issues off the boat, Jared Woodin continued to alienate himself from more Below Deck cast members.

During the Monday, March 11, episode of the Bravo series, Jared, Fraser Olender, Anthony Iracane, Ben Willoughby and Kyle Stillie enjoyed a boys’ night out after a charter. Things took a turn, however, when Fraser suggested that the others help out Anthony more as he dealt with the anniversary of his father’s death.

Jared wasn’t thrilled by the request since he felt he did more than enough work. After Jared grew visibly frustrated, Fraser questioned his behavior.

“I know we are all going through our own s—t but Jared seems a little bit aggressive,” the chief steward said in a confessional. “If someone can turn to that so quickly after a few drinks, it is a red flag.”

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The drama only escalated when the crew returned to the boat. Jared’s attempts to flirt with Barbie Pascual were not reciprocated as she officially chose to act on her feelings for Kyle instead. Barbie and Kyle subsequently went to her cabin to hang out while Jared got upset about the mess his deckhand left behind upstairs.

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Jared Woodin.

“He’s on a f—king roll tonight,” Barbie said after Jared entered her cabin numerous times — without knocking — to express his annoyance with Kyle. Jared requested that Kyle clean up after himself, which didn’t happen quick enough for the bosun.

“You’ve got to understand. At the end of the day, I’ve got a job to maintain,” Jared told Kyle before their conversation got too loud and woke up Captain Kerry Titheradge. “I am not done talking. I just cleaned up a lot and it’s not even enough. I would like for you to vacuum up before you go to bed.”

Jared continued: “It’s my ass at the end of the day and the reason I took you down here to do this is because I don’t want to do it in front of other people.”

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Kerry interrupted the talk before it got too heated. In a preview for the next episode, Kerry attempted to piece together what transpired before he got involved. Kyle was seen telling Kerry about how Jared “stormed into” Barbie’s room.

In response, Kerry asked Barbie whether she felt “threatened” by Jared’s behavior. Kerry also had a candid conversation with Jared, saying, “This is the second time you have gone on the piss and had bad behavior.”

Jared previously opened up about how problems at home were weighing on him.

“I only get two times a week to talk to my daughter. I’m in jeopardy of losing all communication if I do not adhere and stick to the schedule that I have,” Jared, who shares a young child with his ex, explained in an episode earlier this month. “I’m trying to build trust again. It is super important to me that I maintain consistency.”

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At the time, Jared said the lack of communication affected his behavior, adding, “Last night was particularly difficult for me. It was very emotional because Tuesdays and Fridays are the days I am supposed to speak with my daughter. And not having phone service — I was not able to speak with my daughter. It is real.”

Kerry offered support while still reminding Jared that he had to do his job.

“I really care about where Jared is at and I can see that he is not in a good place. He is going through a tough spot but he is the head of a department,” Kerry said in a confessional. “You can’t have your head in the clouds or somewhere else. It affects your safety and the safety of the guests. You have to be focused on the job.”

Below Deck season 11 airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. New episodes will stream the next day on Peacock.

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