Aptar's Color Code fragrance spray pump switches to PCR resin

The global leader in dispensing systems has released a new version of its renown Color Code fragrance spray pump. The new pump is made with post-consumer recycled resin.

Color Code PCR includes up to 67% [1] of mechanical PCR Plus material without compromising on customization options and aesthetics. According to Aptar Beauty calculations, integrating a PCR resin reduces the product’s CO2 emissions by up to 39% compared to the version using conventional resin. [2]

The made-in-Italy, snap-on pump dispenses a 80mcl dose per stroke. Color Code PCR is fully customizable to achieve on-brand designs thanks to the versatility of plastic, allowing for a wide variety of colors in a glossy finish.

Color Code PCR is a stylish step towards sustainability: it is our very first plastic fragrance pump integrating PCR. This pump not only adds a touch of color and differentiation to fragrance launches but can also help brands achieve their sustainability goals by committing to packaging circularity,” highlights Giuseppe Barletta, Regional Platform Manager EMEA for Fragrance Lifestyle, Aptar Beauty.

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