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By Pontus Riska, VP, Global Business Development Keyloop.

In a highly competitive market, automotive retailers need to differentiate themselves by delivering exceptional customer experiences (CX). With digital technologies overhauling the automotive customer journey, retailers that can adapt to evolving consumer behaviours and demands will be well placed to succeed. 

Blending technology and CX for success

Today’s consumers demand convenience, responsiveness, and interactivity. They want to be in control of their own customer journeys. What’s more, they have a multitude of choices when it comes to buying their next vehicle: great car brands to choose from, multiple financing options, as well as a host of solutions when it comes to aftercare.

For retailers looking to capture this demand, they will need to evolve in step with these changing consumer behaviours, identifying every touchpoint across the ownership lifecycle and delivering a tailored experience at each one.

Indeed, customers are willing to pay more for a good experience. However, they are also more likely than ever to look elsewhere if unsatisfied. That’s why automotive retailers must lean into the power of technology to help transform their customer relationships and the effectiveness of their businesses.

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From high-touch to no-touch CX

Technology and digitalisation have transformed the car-buying process. Retailers must ensure that consumers feel as looked after when they interact entirely digitally or entirely face to face, or as is most often the case, a blend of the two.  

In a world where experience drives loyalty as much as price, retailers must adapt their CX to the desires of the modern consumer. No touch can be as exceptional as high touch – retailers who master this will stand apart from the pack.

Another critical component to this is quality omnichannel communications. Whether it is an email, video call, chat, or in person visit, each touchpoint with an automotive retailer needs to be timely, relevant, and personalised. In turn, Keyloop’s suite of communications tools has been built to ensure retailers engage with customers when, why, and how best serves their needs.

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Five principles for success

Automotive retailers need to reimagine their relationship with technology platforms. For Keyloop this is represented by five key pillars:

  • Distinctive: Find a partner that will help create exceptional experiences.
  • Unified: Seek a partner offering a continuous 360-degree view of consumers, building understanding and targeted interactions. 
  • Frictionless: Opt for technology streamlining processes, empowering customer service and efficiency. 
  • Connected: Embrace a partner with a valuable ecosystem and network effect, enriching your offerings with a broader range of tools and services. 
  • Simplified: Ensure your technology partner unifies multiple points in your dealership’s infrastructure for smoother operations and better data utilisation. 

Experience-First is both a blueprint and a technology platform created by Keyloop to help retailers deliver an exceptional customer experience. Experience-First emphasises customer-centricity, blending technology, insights, data and partnership to better understand consumer needs and preferences – which in turn builds trust, fosters long term relationships and improves margins.

To find out more about our Experience-First platform, read our Revolutionising Automotive Retail Through Technology Whitepaper. Or contact us via https://keyloop.com/contact

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