8 Coats to Buy at Canada Goose Right Now

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Although we have about a month and some change of winter left, there’s still time to find and wear cozy outerwear to keep you warm. Whether you prefer stylish options or more functional variations, there are unlimited options available to suit your fancy. Canada Goose, the luxury outerwear, shoes and accessories brand known for its top-tier quality, creates coats of many different silhouettes and stature.

From warmth-inducing parkas and coats to sleek hooded options, Canada Goose literally has any type of outerwear that anyone could ever want! Nevertheless, we rounded up 8 of the best coats to shop at Canada Goose that are perfect to wear during the rest of winter — read on to see our picks!

Ellison Jacket

Canada Goose Ellison Jacket
Canada Goose

This lightweight jacket will add a nice pop of color to your winter ensembles — just $795!

Abbott Hoody

Canada Goose Abbott Hoody
Canada Goose

Grab this hoody coat for a an option that comes with an attached hood for a functional twist — just $795!

Shelburne Parka Heritage

Canada Goose Shelburne Parka Heritage
Canada Goose

If you prefer a little flair with your outerwear, get this parka for a bold look — just $1,650!

Clair Coat Black Label

Canada Goose Clair Coat Black Label
Canada Goose

Sometimes wearing a bulky coat can be a turn off, but this coat has a flattering shape that’ll make you never want to take it off — just $950!

Cypress Puffer Black Label

Canada Goose Cypress Puffer Black Label
Canada Goose

If you’re looking for a stylish yet extremely efficient puffer, opt for this one — just $1,095!

Alliston Coat

Canada Goose Alliston Coat
Canada Goose

For the travelers who have big trips ahead of them, this coat is great for that and packing — just $1,075!

Rhoda Parka

Canada Goose Rhoda Parka
Canada Goose

For those who have to deal with extreme temperatures, this parka will keep you warm through anything — just $1,750!

Marlow Coat

Canada Goose Marlow Coat
Canada Goose

This water-repelling coat is perfect for cold, rainy day — just $1,295!

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