6 Effortless Outfits To Wear This Weekend

Picture this: You slam your laptop shut after sending out a couple of “We’ll circle back to this on Monday” emails. It’s finally the weekend after what feels like a 17-day long work week. You’re beyond excited for all of the fun plans you have lined up for the next couple of days, but then it dawns on you: “What the hell am I gonna wear?” You have zero brain power left to get creative with outfits, but you don’t want to resort to the same default uniform you wear practically every Saturday and Sunday.

What you need are a few casual but chic closet staples that you can count on when you don’t want to think about what to wear. Enter: the new Ann Taylor Weekend collection. It’s full of relaxed pieces that are perfect for weekend activities and still have a refined touch that leaves you feeling put together—and they also happen to be super easy to mix and match.

You know we love a one-stop shop, and no one does it quite like our girl AT. We took some of our favorite pieces from the Ann Taylor Weekend line to curate effortlessly stylish looks to get you through all your weekend outings, from brunch to errands, and everything in between. Say goodbye to standing dumbfounded in front of your closet when you were supposed to leave 10 minutes ago. Here are six outfits you’ll want to keep coming back to again and again:

1. Running errands around town

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Okay, tackling your basic, I-don’t-really-want-to-do-this-but-I-don’t-have-time-during-the-week errands isn’t always the most thrilling way to spend your weekend, but sporting a cute outfit can definitely make it feel 10 times more fun. A trench coat keeps you warm and comfy while giving your look a more sophisticated edge, and pairing it with a baseball cap and casual under-layers gives that effortless model-off-duty vibe we all know and love. Your local grocery store and dry cleaners are not ready.

2. Checking out a cute brunch spot

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We as a society put a lot of pressure on the perfect brunch outfit, but all you need are a couple of strong yet simple pieces to really pull something together. You can never go wrong with the classic white button-up and fitted coat combo, and opting for a pair of loafers (we’re obsessed with these navy blue ones that make things a bit more interesting than a black or brown pair) ties it all together.

3. Walking around vintage shops

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When you’re making a day of it to go vintage shopping, you want two things: to feel comfortable and to have a bag that fits the absurd amount of things you’re about to purchase. A maxi skirt offers you full mobility while still giving that on-trend look, and this stylish bucket bag can fit all of your belongings and all of the new finds you’re going to take home. Plus, the tank and sandals coordinate perfectly and bring it all together.

4. Grabbing coffee with a friend

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The Canadian tuxedo is here to stay, ladies. Going for denim-on-denim is a super easy way to make any casual outfit feel more on-trend and put together, which is ideal for wanting to amp up a laid-back coffee date look. Paired with some cute ballet flats, you’ll be giving “2024 it-girl” as you sip your iced latte and catch up with your friend.

5. Going out for a casual date night

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Not every date night out has to be a formal dinner or drinks at an ultra-cool bar that requires a black knee-high boot and leather jacket for entry. If you and your partner are feeling more of a laid-back brewery, quick bite to eat, or picnic in the park type of vibe, this outfit is just what you’re looking for.

6. Taking an impromptu day trip

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Source: Caitlin Schneider

As far as weekends go, nothing beats jumping in the car for a last-minute road trip to explore a new town that’s only an hour or two away. This combination of a patterned button-up, good-fitting mom jeans, and a cross-body bag is perfect for the occasion, keeping you comfy while still serving up the ever-so-popular coastal grandma vibe.

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