15 Exclusive 'Everything Shower' Picks From Drew Barrymore

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If you haven’t heard of the oh so rejuvenating (yet time-consuming) everything shower, let Us catch you up! To call it a “shower” doesn’t do the process justice . . . it’s more like a long pre, during and post-shower routine that includes all things wellness. Some call it a ritual! To no one’s surprise, wellness queen Drew Barrymore has nailed the process — and we were majorly inspired by the products she shared in her magazine, Drew.

In the moments leading up to an everything shower, most gals apply an exfoliating mask, massage in a hair mask and remove the week’s nail polish. The shower itself includes deep conditioning, cleansing, more exfoliating and shaving everywhere that needs it — including the places you’ve been putting off (hello, legs!).

Moisturizing is key after an everything shower, so most of Us take this opportunity to load up on face and body lotion. It’s also prime time to blow dry our hair, repaint our nails and drink a nice cup of tea! But we know what you’re thinking . . . this sounds like a lot!

It is a lot! To make things easier, we turned to Barrymore, who shared her exclusive “everything shower” picks in her magazine — she didn’t miss a single step! Everything she recommends for an everything shower routine is below, so get ready to load your cart with all of her faves! We sure are going to.

Hair & Scalp Detoxifying Clay Treatment

Who said clay masks are just for your face? This pre-wash treatment combines clay, quartz, broccoli extract and matcha tea leaf extract to detoxify the scalp, enhance shine and reset curls (if you have them!).

Get the Bread Beauty Supply Hair & Scalp Detoxifying Clay Treatment for $34 at Sephora!

Pre-Exfoliating Foam

Not only does this exfoliating foam remove dead skin, it moisturizes and protects skin below the surface, too. Smooth it over your body in the shower, let it sit for 15 seconds and then rinse to see renewed skin.

Get the Nerrā Pre-Exfoliating Foam for $26 at Nerra!

Filtered Shower Head

The proper everything shower starts with the right shower head! This crowd favorite has a built-in filter to remove irritating chlorine and other tough-on-hair chemicals from water. It’s a game-changer for both hair and skin!

Get the Canopy Filtered Shower Head for $150 on Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 30, 2024, but are subject to change.

Hair Gloss In-Shower Shine Treatment

Hyaluronic acid, sugar beets and rice water are just a few superstar ingredients in this strengthening formula. The treatment lasts in your hair for up to three washes, so you’ll have shiny, frizz-free locks for days!

Get the Ouai Hair Gloss In-Shower Shine Treatment for $34 at Sephora!

Body Plane Tool

Body plane tools gently scrape off dead skin while feeling like a massage, especially when you prime the skin with body oil. This tool lifts dirt and dust from the skin using only a sterling silver blunt edge. Amazing!

Get the Esker Body Plane Tool for $45 at Nordstrom!

Night Blooming Jasmine & Damask Rose Soap Brick

If you think bar soap is so 10 years ago, think again! This all-natural body soap contains rose clay to draw out toxins, prickly pear powder to brighten and babassu oil to add moisture. It’s a dream team!

Get the Flamingo Estate Night Blooming Jasmine & Damask Rose Soap Brick for $58 at Flamingo Estate!

Hair Filler + Bonding Inner Fiber Repair Treatment 

Your hair deserves a spa day! This treatment repairs hair inside and out while giving it the strength to withstand further damage. Apply the treatment before shampooing, letting your hair absorb it for at least five minutes.

Get the Garnier Fructis Hair Filler + Bonding Inner Fiber Repair Treatment for $9 at Walmart!

Shower Fragrance

Smell like you just stepped out of your everything shower long after you actually step out. This light, clean scent has notes of sea salt, orange blossom and neroli, a blend one reviewer describes as “fresh and Mediterranean.”

Get the Jones Road Shower Fragrance for $42 at Jones Road!

Gro Scalp Massager

Massaging the scalp enhances circulation, ideal for boosting hair growth, reducing thinning, exfoliating dead skin and volumizing the hair. This silicone massager also evenly distributes your favorite shampoos and conditioners!

Get the Vegamour Gro Scalp Massager for $18 at Sephora!

The Weighted Razor Kit

A good razor is an essential piece of your summer shower routine! This weighted metal razor won’t leave you with irritation and razor bumps — just visibly soft, glowing skin. Grab one in blush pink, burgundy or black!

Get the Hanni The Weighted Razor Kit for $42 at Sephora!

In-Shower Steam Facial

This isn’t just any face mask. This Pixi mask is designed to be used in the shower, deeply cleansing while firming with peptides and collagen. The soothing lavender scent is just a bonus! Get ready to glow.

Get the Pixi In-Shower Steam Facial for $14 (originally $22) on Amazon!

Splash Salve In-Shower Body Moisture Treatment 

Imagine a deep conditioner for your skin . . . that’s what this ultra-hydrating cream is designed to be! By giving the skin major doses of jojoba, shea butter and coconut oil, you’re left with soothed and repaired skin.

Get the Hanni Splash Salve In-Shower Body Moisture Treatment for $34 at Sephora!

Guava Shampoo for Damaged and Color-Treated Hair

Whether your hair falls on the curly, straight, dry, fine, damaged or thick side, this shampoo is designed for you! It prevents color fading and increases shine, all without silicones and other harmful ingredients.

Get the Ceremonia Guava Shampoo for Damaged and Color Treated Hair for $22 at Sephora!

Untangle and Glide Comb

Use this wide-tooth comb both inside and outside of the shower to glide effortlessly through tangled tresses. It even cools the scalp! We’ll be grabbing one for our shower and another for our beach tote bag.

Get the Hair Edit Untangle and Glide Comb for $11 at Ulta!

Stimulate Bath Mitt

If loofahs and exfoliating mitts remind you of funky smells, soggy textures and mold, you’re not alone — but this mitt was designed using thermoplastic urethane, a naturally antimicrobial, mold-resistant material. It’s a total win!

Get the Reed Clarke Stimulate Bath Mitt for $38 at Reed Clark!

For more great finds, check out Drew magazine, available on newsstands everywhere and at MagazineShop.us!

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